Evening theatre performances generally begin at 8:00.  If attendees come early, they can spend some time cruising our gallery which is located just below the theater area.

Kathryn Holland, who wrote a review of her first theatre experience here at the art center, also visited our gallery for the first time that evening.  Below is what she shared with me about her time at “The Pieces Fall Together” exhibit.

Riverside Art Center Gallery is currently spotlighting artisans from Chelsea. The diversity among the different pieces is impressive. There seems to be a common thread among them of communing with nature. Some of the 2D pieces utilize vibrant colors and electric lines while others have soft focus with a more serene quality. However, all seem to depict portraiture of people and nature.

In addition to the impressive collection currently hanging on display, the center of the gallery is dotted with workstations containing puzzles to be assembled by the guests who pass through the gallery, adding an interactive quality to this 2D exhibition.

To the far corner is the gift shop which currently contains very unique and innovative pieces created by local artisans as well. Mostly consisting of functional accessories but created in a wide array of differing materials, this exhibition is a must see!

Today is the last day of the exhibit.  The gallery is open from 3-8pm.

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