Riverside Arts Center is a multi-purpose cultural arts venue providing performance, exhibit, studio and reception space for artists and arts and cultural organizations.

If you are interested in using any of the various spaces at RAC for your creative endeavors, please go to our Contact page and inquire about rental fees.

1.  RAC Off Center (Ground Level Gallery)

Off Center Ground Level

Off Center Street Front: roughly 39′ x 36′

Off Center Workroom (kitchen): 15′ x 11′ (not pictured, but also used)

2.  Dance Studio (2nd Floor of the Off Center)

Dance Studio

Dance Studio w/Windows on Huron St.

Dance Studio

Dance Studio w/ Wall of Mirrors

Dance Studio Waiting Area

Waiting Area:  34′ x 14′

Dance Studio Floor Space: 39′ x 33′

3.  Art Studios (2nd Floor of  Off Center, next to Dance Studio)

Art Studio Space

5 Studios w/ white wood & brick walls, gray cement floors. They range from 120 to 150 sq ft. Overhead lights, heat & air shared.

Art Studio Locking Door

Each w/ Locking Door.

Safety Paint Cabinet

Safety Paint Cabinet

Art Studio Closet

Closet w/ Sink

Artists have access via the elevator and staircase.  Note: No art studios available at this time.

4.  Gallery (Lower Level of the Main RAC Entrance)


Gallery total floor space: 60’ x 50’ (3000 sq ft). Usable floor space around 2600 sq ft.

We have 10 wall sections for hanging artwork.  Several pedestals for 3D work.

5.  Theater and Theater Lobby (Floor Above the Gallery)

Theater Stage

Theater Stage: 28′ x 22′ (1.5′ off the floor)

Theater Seating

Seating: 115 Fixed Seats on Risers

Theater Lobby

Lobby: 41′ x 28′

There is space for an additional 25 folding chairs in front of the riser seats.

6.  Classroom Suites (Floor Above the Theater)

Classroom #1

Classroom #1: 42′ x 19′


Water basin next to window
Tables and chairs

(Pictures not available for
Classroom #2 at this time)