These were the Early Years

Please enjoy the pics of the Riverside Arts Center when it was still the Masonic Temple and the DTE Offices.

The links below will open PDFs in a new window.  They contain newspaper articles of the early years about the purchasing of the Masonic Temple, the plans and dreams of what the art center might become and how it could serve the community with the arts.  They are laid out in the timeline of the articles.

RAC History up through 1994

RAC History in 1995

RAC History in 1996

RAC History from 1997 through 1999

RAC History from 2000 through 2003

RAC History from 2004 through 2009

Newsletters from the Past

In the early years of the Riverside Arts Center we had eight page newsletters which were printed 3 or 4 times a year.  In this section we will build a digital library of those newsletters.  Feel free to check back for updates.

2004 Newsletters

Spring News 2004

Summer News 2004

Fall News 2004

Winter News 2004


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