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Redo by Carlson

Redo by Dolores Carlson


Dolores Carlson

Every Nation is a product of the past. Our culture,our ideas, our behavior are all shaped by what went before. The Renaissance emphasis on individual achievements and responsibilities led to the reformation which led to the Enlightenment which led to the Industrial Revolution which led to today’s world.

Individually wee too are the product of what has gone before. Choices made by previous generations as well as our own experiences and choices add to what we are.
The decisions we make as a society, as family units, and as individuals will in turn affect future generations as well as future society.

I view my work as parables on society and individuals. Through layering of torn paper and washes of color I mimic the layers of experience both micro and macro.

Because the computer has become increasingly important, I incorporate the binary code in some of the patterning I create. Many of the pieces are in the form of a jump drive to show the transfer of knowledge and experience from the past to the future.

The present is impermanent.

Delicate Strength by Amanda

Delicate Strength by Amanda


Amanda N. Rogers is a multimedia sculptor with a passion for transforming spaces and utilizing found objects for their history. With a BFA in Sustainable Design and Textiles from Finlandia University, Rogers is constantly learning new techniques and crafts to utilize in her sculptures and site specific installations. Currently residing in Detroit, Michigan, Rogers finds inspiration from the city with its rich history and undefined future.

Rogers’ history with Design makes her passionate to utilize art-centric design to help Detroit grow into a dynamic bed of creativity and innovation.

As a member of the Women’s Caucus for Art, National WCA Board Director, and Michigan WCA Board member, Rogers is passionate about supporting women in the arts. To find out more about Women’s Caucus for the Art visit or the Women’s Caucus for Art Facebook page.

Foreign Correspondence by Golden

Foreign Correspondence by Golden


Debra Golden

I enjoy working with a wide variety of media; my specialty is watercolor which I’ve taught for over twenty years. Over the years I’ve alternated between working as a commercial artist, fine artist, and arts instructor – often balancing all of these at once.

Stories and themes drive my work: what do I need to communicate about ‘big questions’,those I love, why, and the way I see the world. Painting subjects range from the illusion of time, communications, chalices, and flowers from her garden. The ‘fish’ series is about personal and group movement. Symbolism, strong color, and a sense of magic and mystery figure largely in her work. Where do the landscapes take you? What stories do the subjects suggest?

I currently teach at Washtenaw Community College (WCC) as Adjunct Instructor in the Community Enrichment (new title) Program. Courses included various levels of watercolor, illustration, and collage. I also teach Beginning Acrylic Painting, Children’s Drama Camps, and Flower Painting for Ann Arbor Rec & Ed, give private lessons, and give art parties and workshops.

Join us Saturday in the gallery and meet these women who are passionate about the arts!

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