Light Waves by Jason Nichols

Light Waves by Jason Nichols


Thursday, Aug 21, 6:30 pm

Jason Nichols will demonstrate how you can use “Processing” as mentioned below.  This is a completely new digital area for many of us.

Join us for this new learning experience.

Light Waves is my first non-photographic work to be displayed in an art show.

I created the wave design using a programming language and development environment called Processing, which is often used for creating visual art.

My program out put the waves as an image file. I then loaded the image file into Silhouette Studio software which controls a Silhouette Portrait craft cutter. The cutter was used to cut the design in vinyl. The vinyl was applied to a diffusing film and placed in the frame.

For the electronics I used an Arduino Micro. Arduino is microcontroller board with associated software designed to make it relatively easy to program. The controller is connected to a LED light strip in 4 sections with 40 total LEDs. The Arduino controls the color of each LED, cycling around a color wheel over time.


David Feingold Digital Artist

Learn About all the Free Software David uses to Create his Artwork

Wednesday, Aug 30 at 6:30 pm

Over four decades ago, at 16 years of age, I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. It was a hit-and-run which had significant consequences.

A closed head injury resulted in temporal lobe epilepsy and bipolar disorder. Life as a “bipolar” definitely has its ups and downs (pun intend), yet is the accumulation of downs that call out to record its associated feelings in an art form.

My creative expression, using digitally manipulated images seeks to process the experience and pain I have endured with a mood disorder.

Calvinn by David Feingold


The artwork represents what I have termed in the my 2013 disability studies doctoral dissertation on the the subject, “The Impaired Self.”

The impaired self is the accumulation of the emotional cuts and bruises created by coexisting effects of the disability (and others), such as shame, sadness, discrimination, prejudice, social marginalization and rejection, to name a few.

If my artwork educates and inspires at least one person to be more knowledgeable about and sensitive to the impaired self of individuals with disabilities, my dedication to creating images will have been worthwhile.

Acknowledgement by Dawud Muhammad



Thursday, August 14, 6:30 pm

In the Gallery

Digital Art Demo by Dawud Muhammad
using his iPad app Procreate

Dawud Muhammad


Since the winter of 2012 Dawud Muhammad has been “painting” with an iPad exclusively. Over the years he has used a variety of media; pen & ink, acrylic & oil paint, graphite & colored pencil, oil & soft pastels, etc. With exception of few courses in high school Dawud is self taught.

Muhammad says, “The use of a tablet in the creative process has been phenomenal! The technology has caught up with my creative impulse.”

As it relates to his philosophy about art the creative process, he has stated, “All forms of artistice expression are refractivity. Refraction is the turning or bending of any kind of wave, such as a light or sound wave, when it passes from one medium into another. When the musician plays her instrument, the dancers dance or the painter paints, he/she becomes the medium. The living breathing prism bending life waves and revealing its hidden colors.”

Dawud’s work has been exhibited in several galleries in and around the Detroit metropolitan area.

Join us!  This demo is open and free to the public.


Let's pARTy!


There are so many new and exciting things happening at the RAC it’s hard for me to keep up – and I work here!

We are introducing a new concept called Art pARTy. We will provide the canvas, brushes, paints and a place – all you have to do is show up and have some fun. The class will include an artist in case you get stuck but it is really your time to bring some friends, a bottle of wine and some snacks and have a PARTY!

This is a great idea for a bridal shower, baby shower, book club or a group of friends who just want to get together for some fun. You will leave with a finished piece of art and we will post your picture on our website and Facebook page. We can offer suggestions for inexperienced artists, you can free-form your painting or we are happy to pre-draw your canvas. You choose the picture.

Come down to the RAC and relax and whether you are an expert or a novice there is always time for a pARTy.  Grab more info on our Paint Party page.

From the desk of: Christie Lypka



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