Deborah Campbell

Deborah Campbell


True Values with Deborah Campbell

is the Second in an ongoing series of “Creating An Authentic Life” workshops

September 22, 2012

9:30 am – 12:30pm

In the Gallery

$25 Registration at

People live through their values – that’s values with a capital V.  The Authentic You.  To honor your values means to create and live your life in such a way that there is nothing in the way of living them.  This means a life of integrity.

True Values is a workshop that will help you begin to understand your values and will lead you to live your life in alignment with your unique core principles. You will:

  • Identify your core values.
  • Create a Values Expression Project.
  • Create a vision re-orienting your life around expressing these values.

Deborah Campbell is a Coach who specializes in transition and personal transformation. She received her coaching education from Coach U, the world’s largest coach training organization. Deborah is also a member of the International Coach Federation. A practicing studio artist as well as an educator, Deborah enjoys problem solving using the creative process.


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