Expand Your Digital World – Six Demos this Month

Digital Demos in August “Art Goes Digital”  Exhibit

Aug 7 -23, 2014

Artist Reception: Aug 8, 5-7 pm

This exhibit displays artwork created via computer software, tablets, ipads, phones and video work.

This new ‘art form’ is loved by some, questioned by others, enjoyed by many.  This month the gallery gives these artists a venue to show their digital expressions.

Plus, with these demos, a change for the general public, as well as other artists, to see how some of these ‘art tools’ work.  Maybe you’re only interested in one or two of the demos.  Or maybe you’d like to attend the entire series and expand your knowledge base of making art in the digital realm.  The computers and devices will be projected onto a screen so you can everything they are doing.

The images below are samples of the artists’ work in the gallery this month and do not necessarily represent what their demos will cover.  These demos are open and free to the public.  They will take place in the gallery.


1.  Saturday, Aug 9, 3 pm

Looking by Christopher MacEwen



Christopher MacEwen:  Chris creates his work with computer software, Illustrator and Photoshop.  He also uses the Bamboo Tablet in his computer painting process.

Join us in watching his method of using these tools.





2.  Thursday, Aug 14, 6:30 pm

Acknowledgement by Dawud Muhammad



Dawud Muhammad:  Dawud’s digital tool of choice is an iPad drawing application called Procreate.  The iPad is becoming a popular tool for artists to play with and some artists are using it in a very serious way in their creations.

If you would like to learn more about how to use this tool and some of the challenges involved, join us for this demo in this month’s series.



3.  Wednesday, Aug 20, 6:30 pm

Calvinn by David Feingold



David Feingold:  David doesn’t buy software or apps for his creations.  Instead, he uses a variety of completely free online websites for his creations.  So, if you have a computer and want to get started, but are dealing with a limited budget, don’t let that stop you when your creative juices are flowing.

David will show us all the free tools he uses and will do a more in depth demo with his favorite one.



4.  Thursday, Aug 21, 6:30 pm

Light Waves by Jason Nichols

“Light Waves”


Jason Nichols:  Jason is going to introduce us to Processing and Arduino; what they are, and some examples on how to use them.

One of the usages, of course, being the “Light Waves” light box that he digitally produced, that you can see in the exhibit.





5.  Saturday, Aug 23, 1 pm

Procyon by Steve Elliott



Steve Elliott:  Steve works with Adobe Illustrator.  He will take us through the steps from beginning to end of one of his digital abstract creations using this software.

If you are already familiar with this software or would like to start using it, Steve will show us how to push the envelope and get more from it than we thought possible.




6.  Saturday, Aug 23, 3 pm

Still Life with Tile Wall by Ken Graning

“Still Life with Tile Wall”


Ken Graning:  Ken does all his digital creations on Photoshop.  He also uses the Wacom drawing tablet.  He will have his complete home set-up with us in the gallery to share his methods and various steps to achieve the effects he gets in his work.

If you would like to add to your Photoshop abilities, be sure to stop in and watch this demo presentation.


Join us for this great series of digital demos!


Download the Digital Demo Series PDF to your computer.



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