Looking by Christopher MacEwen

Aug 9, 2014;  3:00pm

In the Gallery

Demo by Chris MacEwen

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

From as early as Chris can remember, there was a computer in his house while growing up. He’s sure his parents understood to some extent how computers would shape the world as we know it now. Chris says he remembers using software such as MS paint for the first time and being amazed at how many different effects there are to use and how complicated it can all be. Chris spent hours learning and developing his talents during his teen years.

MacEwen studied 2D design and drawing at Eastern Michigan University and is now enrolled at WCC for Graphic Design Technology and Business.

Chris says he prefers digital art because it can enhance so many aspects of traditional art. Also, because when one is working on a computer, there are infinite ways to correct your mistakes. (To digital artists: did you ever find yourself pressing ctrl+z in a situation outside of your editing program?)

For this Art Goes Digital exhibit, I have selected four artworks that I believe to be exemplary examples of my art. I hope that it is an experience to view them, as all good art should be. What is life without art?

Leaving you with a translated quote from a French Poet, Sully Prudhomme.

In only seeing ugliness and vice here on Earth,
wherein lies your own beauty and proper virtue?

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