Light Waves by Jason Nichols

Light Waves by Jason Nichols


Thursday, Aug 21, 6:30 pm

Jason Nichols will demonstrate how you can use “Processing” as mentioned below.  This is a completely new digital area for many of us.

Join us for this new learning experience.

Light Waves is my first non-photographic work to be displayed in an art show.

I created the wave design using a programming language and development environment called Processing, which is often used for creating visual art.

My program out put the waves as an image file. I then loaded the image file into Silhouette Studio software which controls a Silhouette Portrait craft cutter. The cutter was used to cut the design in vinyl. The vinyl was applied to a diffusing film and placed in the frame.

For the electronics I used an Arduino Micro. Arduino is microcontroller board with associated software designed to make it relatively easy to program. The controller is connected to a LED light strip in 4 sections with 40 total LEDs. The Arduino controls the color of each LED, cycling around a color wheel over time.


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