Black History Month

February 3-25, 2017

Deadline:  January 20, 2017

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Open to any African American artist (15 years and older) residing within a 50 miles radius of Ypsilanti, MI. This keeps the travel to the Riverside Arts Center within an hour. We hope this allows artists to participate more in the exhibit and month activities. “Artist” includes visual, literary and performance.


There will be a $20.00 gallery fee payable to Riverside Art Center to be brought at art delivery time that will be used for postcards, posters, etc. (No fee for student artists 17 years and under.)


– 01/20/2017: Entry deadline (midnight)
– 01/23/2017: Emailed Instructions and Details for Artwork Delivery
– 01/29/2017: Artwork delivery (1 -3pm)
– 02/03/2017: Exhibit opens
– 02/03/2017: Artists’ reception (5pm to 7pm)
– 02/25/2016: Exhibit ends @ 8pm
– 02/26/2016: Pickup artwork (10:30am to 2pm)

This is not meant to be a ‘shipping’ artwork event. Our hope is to find artists close enough to travel and participate personally in this exhibit. This calendar does not include any possible additional “performance” dates; those will be added according to need during the week after the emailed instructions on 1/23/2017.


Please read and read again if necessary all of the instructions on this page. If you do not understand something, please email questions to gallery[at] before entering.


1. 2D work must be no larger than 48″ wide or 72″ high.
2. All 2D work must be properly prepared for exhibit and wired for hanging.
3. Work must be completed within the last three years and not previously exhibited at Riverside Arts Center.
4. All work must be original, by the artist, from the beginning of the process through the end.
5. 3D work must be no larger than 36” wide or 72” high, it must be able to fit through the doorways to the gallery.
6. Writers: If you plan on doing book or poetry reading, please also plan on a means of displaying some of your work in the gallery for the month.
7. Music/Dance/Drama: Live performances will be planned, but also think a means of sharing with visitors throughout the month, maybe CDs or Videos. (Very minimum, plan to perform at the reception.)


1. Email all submissions to gallery[at]
2. Type in email subject line: Black History Month
3. Include your name & address in the email
4. Visual: Send up to four images of art work pieces 
5. Images should be in jpeg/jpg format, at least 1000 pixels on the longest side, 300 ppi resolution. (images may be used for promotions, such as postcards, posters, articles, etc)
6. Include visual artwork info for each image in the email: title, medium and size
. Writers: Include literary titles and samples of work, typed into the email or attached in pdf format
. Live Performance: Include samples via links to web locations of audio or visual media, this can be individuals or groups.
. You will be notified within five days that your images/audio/visual has been received.


1. The doors to the gallery are kept open for the public via volunteers. Artists will be asked if/when they would like to help the regular volunteers with gallery sitting.
2. There may be other activities, such as speakers, happening throughout the month.
3. Readings, performances and art demos may also be scheduled throughout the month.


ARTWORK MAY BE FOR SALE, BUT NOT REQUIRED. The gallery receives a 30% commission on all sales. All accepted artwork will be handled with professional care, and every precaution will be taken to assure protection of artwork. Riverside Arts Center is not responsible for loss or damage of artwork.

Thank You For Support!
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