Meet three artists in the “Comics, Cartoons and Caricatures” Exhibit

Today’s bios bring you a wide range of talent and style.  Michigan is loaded with artists who have a love for conveying ideas in comic and cartoon formats.

Jesse Rubenfeld

Jesse Rubenfeld

Jesse Rubenfeld:
  A student of the great Scott McCloud, Jesse is the artist andSpiderman by Jesse Rubenfeld
writer of the Tool Publication’s comic series Into the Dust, a gritty realistic version of Wizard of Oz set in 1964 on Route 66.

Jesse’s artwork can be found in international publications on topics such as nursing, performance and magic tricks.

Some of his most recent work involves doing parody of famous works of art and familiar characters from popular culture like the Muppets, Superpets and Nintendo characters.

You can learn more about Jesse on his Facebook page and see more work on his Website.

Harley Schwadron

Harley Schwadron

Harley Schwadron:
  Is a cartoonist for publications large and small, including major media such as Barrons, Readers Digest, Wall Street Journal, Playboy and Parade.

He is the author of the daily business cartoon panel, 9 to 5, syndicated by Chicago Tribune Media Services, which is published in several newspapers and online sites.Hooked by Harley Schwadron

Harley also does op-ed and editorial cartoons.  The editorial work is distributed by Artians Syndicate.  His cartoons have illustrated hundreds of college textbooks as well as newsletters and general interest books.

Before his full time cartooning career, Harley was an urban affairs newspaper reporter for the Hartford Times in Connecticut.  Then he worked as a writer and editor for the University of Michigan News Service.  It was in Ann Arbor in 1986 that Harley began his cartooning adventure.

You can see a collection of Harley’s cartoons on his website.

Gale Williams

Gale Williams

Gale Williams:
  Is a 24 year old animator and cartoonist living and working in Sidekick by Gale WilliamsAnn Arbor, MI. Gale graduated from New York University in 2010.

Gale has interned for award winning graphic novelists’ Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier, a handful of New York animation studios and even the Central Intelligence Agency.

Her mostly autobiographical web comic, Patbird & Galesaur, turn three years old next month.

See more of Gale’s work on her website and follow her web comic.

Stop into the gallery this month to see these artists original works and pick up copies of their published books and prints.

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