Joan Miller

Joan Miller

Joan Miller was born at Otis Air Force Base in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  She was soon taken away from her birth city to experience the art of moving every three years living in various towns and countries.

She now lives in the diverse town of Ann Arbor with her supportive husband, the youngest of her two daughters, her big dog and little bird.

Joan has a passion for creating expressive figure drawings.  Recently, she has been challenging herself to see in a different way by creating collages and letting them guide the placement of the figure.

You can meet Joan on Thursday, May 19, or Saturdays May 21 & 28 when she’ll be hanging out at the gallery from 6 to 8 pm.  ———————————————————————

Barbara Carson

Barbara Carson

Barbara Carson’s passion for creating began in childhood growing up in Southwest Detroit.  With limited art resources in her early work she improvised using objects  found in her neighborhood.  Religious and ethnic themes grow naturally from that past environment.

Traveling to Italy, France, Costa Rica, Russia, Ukraine and Slovenia helped her to understand themes of her youth.  Today, her sculptural clay and mixed media works grow from personal insights linked to broader issues.

Come on down to the gallery to meet Barbara between 3 and 6pm on Friday, May 20. ———————————————————————–

Jeri Rosenberg

Jeri Rosenberg

Jeri Rosenberg is an Ann Arbor artist and shares the sculpture studio with the other 3D artists in this exhibit.

You’ll see her love and passion for creating  figurative works is evident when you see them first hand in the gallery this month.

Jeri is on board at the gallery on Friday, May 20, along with Barbara.  She loves talking about her craft and will happy to answer any of your questions.



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