Nora Venturelli

Nora Venturelli

Nora Venturelli was born in Rosario, Argentina and in 1968 she immigrated with her family to California, where she graduated from high school and started her studies in art.

She received her BFA from the University of Michigan and her MFA from Eastern Michigan University.  She have been active showing her work, and teaching drawing and painting as adjunct professor at both universities since 1997.

In speaking about her work, Nora  says, “As long as I can remember, my principal focus and subject for inspiration has been the human form.  I am compelled by the complexities of the human dynamics – how we move, communicate, interact and display ourselves to others, exposing and suppressing the many layers and complexities of our characters.”


Shaqe Kalaj

Shaqe Kalaj

Shaqe Kalaj (pronounced shacha call-eye) is an Albanian-American mixed-media artist, born in Montenegro (former Yugoslavia). She was raised in Livonia, Michigan, and currently resides there.  Shaqe holds a BFA in painting and graphic design from Wayne State University and a teaching certificate from Eastern Michigan University.

Shaqe defines herself as a content-based artist, where autobiography plays a role in the context of her work. Her life and perceptions are drawn upon for the content and direction of each body of work.  She is also interested in advocating through her work the issues that she explores.

The artwork Shaqe contributed to this exhibit are woodcuts from her “American Woman” series in which she creates dialogue about gender issues.



John Conklin

John Conklin


John Conklin has been studying art at Washtenaw Community College.  He carries a sketch book and drawing supplies just about everywhere he goes and loves capturing events happening around him at any given moment.

This is John’s first gallery exhibit and he has enjoyed every minute of it.  His medium of choice is pastel.




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