Women of LockerbieMay 7-9 and 14-16 @ 8 pm (Thur-Sat)
May 10 and 13 @ 2 pm (Sun & Wed)

presented by PTD Productions
Directed by Alice Fell

The Women of Lockerbie takes place in the Scottish village of that name, site of the 1988 terrorist attack that caused the explosion of Pan Am 103, killing all passengers aboard as well as some villagers. Inspired by true events, the play focuses on the extraordinary efforts of the town’s women to wash clothing found on the hillsides, streets and in the victims’ luggage and return these belongings to the bereaved families. The play shows how acts of hatred can lead to acts of love.

On the seventh anniversary of the explosion, Bill and Maddie Livingston journey from New Jersey to Lockerbie for the annual candle light remembrance service. The Livingstons, who lost their son in the crash, search the hills of Lockerbie for some remnant of their son’s belongings, in hopes that this will help them find peace. Using the structure of a Greek Chorus, the women of Lockerbie recollect their experiences of the crash, sharing wise and sometimes humorous words of healing and love. The womens’ strength and perseverance conveys the message of hope that is at the heart of this play.

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