Charles Aunt


Charley’s Aunt

By Brandon Thomas

May 12-14 & May 19-21 @ 8pm
May 15 & 18 @ 2pm

A PTD Production

Thursdays are pay-what-you-can at the door!

It is 1892, St. Olde’s College, Oxford, England. Jack Chesney is in love with Kitty Verdun. Charles Wykeham is in love with Amy Spettigue. The girls have been invited to lunch to meet Charley’s wealthy aunt from Brazil. When the aunt is delayed, the boys, unwilling to miss the opportunity to spend time with the girls they love, persuade their friend Lord Fancourt Babberly to pretend to be the aunt.

They introduce the girls to “her.” Things, however, get more complicated when Jack’s father and Amy’s guardian show up and they are also introduced to her. Amy’s guardian is attracted by her presumed wealth, and even Jack’s father is persuaded to try to marry her millions. When the real aunt shows up, she realizes what is going on and pretends to be someone else. Naturally, things don’t go as planned.

Lost in Yonkers


Lost in Yonkers

by Neil Simon

August 24 – Sept 3, 2016

A PTD Production

Watch for specific dates and times.

Noises Off


Noises Off!

by Michael Frayn

Nov 10 – 19, 2016

A PTD Production

Watch for specific dates and times.


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