Totally Red with YYT


Totally Red

May 26 & 27 @ 7pm
May 27 & 28 @ 1pm

Ypsilanti Youth Theatre

Directed by Rob Papineau
Big fun family show! A hilarious version of Little Red Riding Hood!

Tickets:  Adults $10, Youth/Seniors $6  All Tickets sold at the door, no advance sales.

More than just “The girl with a hood and a basket,” this is Little Red Riding Hood turned upside-down! It’s equal parts Broadway musical, monster movie, Shakespeare, hiphop and olde-time radio show! Also funny are several goofy classroom book-reports- by kids with “agendas!”

33 kids from the area play all the parts, wearing crazy costumes, dancing, skipping, singing, and- yes- howling! It’s surprising and funny, from the chase scenes to the dance numbers. The young actors run on-and-off stage, changing costumes, while the audience wonders “How will the story go next?!”



Lois Kuznets-Dowling Memorial

June 24 @ 2-5pm 

PTD Productions is hosting a memorial service for Lois Kuznets-Dowling in the Riverside Arts Center Theater from 2-5pm. All friends and family members welcome!

Oz's Music Camp


Oz’s Music KO MusicArts Camp & Festival

June 19 – 23   10am-noon or 1-3pm
Recommended Ages: Age 8-Adult
Cost: $200 per 2-hour session
Director: Steve Oz

A very special encore occurs this summer as the Know Obstacles Music Camp serving children and adults with special needs begins its second season at the Riverside Arts Center in Ypsilanti.

This popular interactive music camp expands its scope to include an art exhibit and a week-long performance festival. Musical Enrichment Specialists Steve Osburn, Ken Kozora, Kath Roos along with Eastern Michigan University Art Professor Matt O’Brien bring extensive experience to make the camp and events an enriching experience for all participants.

Each day staff from the local music community will lead the activities that include fun, structured jams focusing on vocals, instruments and drum circles. In the evenings, local artists will perform on stage with genres including rock, folk, jazz and a mixture of everything in between.

For camp participants, no musical background is required. Instruments are supplied, and parents and caregivers can participate. The camp also offers exposure to the Interactive Metronome, a training program that helps children and adults overcome problems with attention, memory and coordination.

The KO MusicArts Camp June 19-23 and the KO MusicArts Festival June 18-25 are exciting additions to the summer arts scene for the entire community!

Go to for more information about all camps offered by Oz’s Music Environment.

Pirates 2: The Hidden Treasure


Pirates 2:  The Hidden Treasure

June 26 – June 30  9am-3pm 
Junior Camp (grades 3-5)
One Week Program

Center Stage Productions

Camp closes with a live performance.

School of Rock


School of Rock

July 10 – July 28  9am-3pm
High School Camp (grades 9-12)
Three Week Program

Center Stage Productions

Camp closes with a live performance.

Beauty and the Beast Jr


Beauty and the Beast Jr.

July 31 – Aug 11  9am-3pm
Middle School Camp (grades 6-8)
Two Week Program

Center Stage Productions

Camp closes with a live performance.

Anatomy of a Murder


Anatomy of a Murder

Aug 24-26 & Aug 31-Sep 2 @ 8pm  (Thu-Sat)
Aug 27 & 30 @ 2pm  (Sun & Wed)

By PTD Productions


Farce of Nature


Farce of Nature

Nov 9-11 & 16-18 @ 8pm  (Thu-Sat)
Nov 12 & 15 @ 2pm  (Sun & Wed)

By PTD Productions


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