Meet two artists the Comics, Cartoons and Caricatures Exhibit

Continuing the introductions to more Michigan comic artists.

Tony Miello

Tony Miello

Tony Miello: 
Is a comic artist and writer who began his career as the inker for Fate’s Five, a mini series from Innervision Comics.

He has gained a loyal fan base as the creator of the comic strip GAPO the Clown,Gapo the Clown which has been published on the web since 2003 and in print through Transfuzion Publishing.  GAPO the Clown is approaching 700 strips.

Tony has worked on comics based on the popular cable television shows Who Wants to be a Superhero and Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In.  He has contributed sketch cards of characters from Marvel Entertainment, DC Comic and Lucasfilm for companies such as Upper Deck, Topps, Crytozoic and Breygent Marketing Marvel.  Currently, Tony is illustrating comics for the pop-punk band Bowling For Soup.

Read more about what is happening with Tony on his Blog and check out GAPO the Clown online.

Nathan Pride

Nathan Pride

Nathan Pride:
  Had a childhood filled with cartoons, Saturday afternoon horror movies, random comic books from a pharmacy spinner rack and early 80’s MTV videos.  Those visual images combined with his exploration and love of the natural world has generated a style that is organic, textured and fantastical.

From 1990-2002 Nathan worked with Caliber Comics which exposed him to all the creative sides of producing illustrative and graphic storytelling.Giant Pumkin

His artwork has appeared in the books Mage:The Awakening and Scarred Lands from White Wolf Publishing and in the Barnes & Noble hardcover collection entitled Library of Wonder: Jules Verne.

You can find Nathan’s current color comic work in a short story for The Devastator #5: Fantasy comedy-zine and in Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard, Vol. 1, which won a 2011 Will Eisner Award for Best Anthology.  Nathan also has his own book Nathan Pride Collected Works showing his pencil, ink and color creations.

Learn more about Nathan on his website and blog.

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