$75,000 is available. We have a chance to share in that amount with 15 other non-profits.  Go Vote!  Get us into Round 2.  And remember, you can and should go back every day to vote again.  Help us get in the running for the funds.  Thanks.

Follow these steps:

1.    Please “Like” Bank of Ann Arbor on Facebook. This step makes all other steps possible.

2.    In Round 1:   (March 15-April 12), you can vote once a day for any local charity.   A list has been included.   The top 15 vote-getters from Round 1 voting are the Sweet 15 and will advance to Round 2.

3.    In Round 2:   (April 15-July 31), submit your version of whatever fun stuff we ask for that week on the Submit page, then vote for your favorite charity among the Sweet 15.   As in Round 1, you can vote every day for the same charity, but you’ll need to submit something different each time.   Each vote/submission you make will add $5.15 to the Sweet 15 fund.

4.    Share so your Facebook friends can get in on the fun and help the Sweet 15 fund grow, too.

5.    Remember to come back once a day to vote/submit.   New fun stuff to submit will be posted each Friday.

6.    Visit the gallery, where your and other submissions will be posted.

Help support Riverside Arts Center and go to Facebook and vote today and every day!  Thank you!

Thank You For Support!
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