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Domenique is a local artist and educator, currently pursuing her MFA from Eastern Michigan University in photography. Her studio practice involves working with a variety of materials and processes often merging disciplines such as photography, watercolor and fibers to create multi-layered works of art. Her art practice allows her to be both an explorer and collector within her environment. The objects she finds are often merged with her knowledge of photography, watercolor and fibers to create assemblage-art. The act of exploring, collecting and creating gives her the opportunity to be in touch with nature and her everyday environment.




Alexa was born, raised, and continues to work in Ypsilanti, MI. In 2014, she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Eastern Michigan University. The same year, she was awarded Best of Show in the 10th Annual Rites of Passage: Emerging Artists Exhibition at Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. Currently working as a freelance studio assistant and developing her studio space and new body of work.

Her work is inspired by emotions, ideas, and forms: the everyday, recognizable and the hidden, geometric. Dissecting the memories of her familial history allows her to restore them through fabrication, exploring many different materials and methods. By running a bead of weld, She draws parallels to the women within her family who were professional seamstresses – or whom had sown with traditional methods. Other works have included materials such as wood, found object, bronze, video and performance. The scales of the objects are influenced by their emotional and physical weight, sometimes larger than life.



Sonia Kraftson #1


Debra received her Master of Fine Arts at EMU in 1985 with watercolor as her specialty. Golden has a BFA (graphic design) and BA (political science) from the University of Michigan . She also got a couple postdoc teaching certificates from EMU in art and drama.
Teaching for more than 30 years has influenced her work and her desire to empower others in their creativity, appreciation for the arts, and speak about larger issues through the language of art. She has taught ages 2-1/2 to 94 as an inner city elementary school art teacher, middle school drama coach, high school art teacher, Rec & Ed instructor, lecturer at EMU, and a few other workshops, and locations.
Golden joined the faculty at Washtenaw Community College in 2014 in the community enrichment department (watercolor, acrylics, handmade books, etc/). She also gives workshops and private lessons. Her urban Sketching classes and groups seek to illustrate who and what our community is…full of history, mixed influences, and beauty.
She works with acrylics, collage, mixed media drawing, handmade books, graphic design, and illustration (children’s books)and even house paint (murals and theater sets) . She is a long time supporter of the RAC having exhibited her work in shows there, performed on stage as an actor, and painted many a theatre set. The place is special to her and hopes you visit and value it as an important part of our community.

Sonia Kraftson #1


Sonia Kraftson works in paint, collage, mixed materials and installation, considering cohabitation that respect organisms, humans and animals alike. She is interested in individual marks and open exchange to help us experience selves and other life as having innate value. She believes stories stir empathy and allow us to interrelate narratives that lead to compassionate choices. Her desire is to engage in conversations that work to remove blinders, illuminate bias and encourage positive and sustaining relationships.

Sonia lives in cohousing and teaches creative writing at a women’s Prison and runs workshops for kids at Ypsilanti Library.  She has a passion for making spaces where people can speak and listen to one another and share stories that allow for new insight. Sonia is looking to start visual collaborations that empower individuals and groups to explore art making together. She believes this will enable unique sharing and help establish participant honesty that moves beyond the superficial and into a space of wonder together.

Sonia recently completed an MA in Creative Writing at EMU and is currently pursuing her MFA in Visual Arts at Eastern.




Linda is an artist, born and raised in Michigan. She grew up in the country amidst farmland, ponds, swamps and natural forests. Her love of nature was nurtured by her parents who gardened and created a 20 acre Backyard Habitat certified by the National Wildlife Federation. Her childhood was a combination of running, playing, making and creating. This spilled into her high school and college years where she won awards for architectural drawings and etchings of the natural world. Eager to share her love of nature and art, she studied to become an art teacher. She has over 20 years of experience teaching inner city young artists’ to have a creative growth mindset. After raising a family, she has returned her focus to her own artwork and study as an MFA candidate at Eastern Michigan University.




Sonia Kraftson #1


Claire is a mixed-media artist and designer. She is primarily focused on the act of giving physicality or visual space to the intangible. By layering repeated imagery on translucent surfaces with scraps of material from her daily life, she processes intense emotional experiences through her work. 

Claire is inspired by the impact people have upon one another and themselves. Leading art workshops, founding artist collectives and gallery spaces, and serving on city arts and culture boards has strengthened her belief that absolutely everyone is creative and in the incomparable power of community.

Claire is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree at Eastern Michigan University.




Taylor is an interdisciplinary artist working out of Adrian, Michigan. Taylor holds a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Dayton, Dayton Ohio. She currently attends Eastern Michigan University working to complete an MFA in interdisciplinary studies. Taylor looks to her visual vernacular for reference on experience to create three-dimensional fibers based works. 




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