Fall for Fringe Arts 2023 afterglow gratitude

 Dear Ypsi Community,


Thank you so much for your incredible support of our fall fundraiser, Fall for Fringe Arts. The sheer number of people who were involved in planning and executing this event is humbling. It was absolutely amazing to have so many people in attendance and activating the entire building. From the body art models and henna, to the interactive puppetry shows, to the live graffiti demonstration, to some incredible culinary offerings, this event used all 30,000 square feet of our facility – displaying a sampling of the incredible possibilities of the creative arts that RAC can provide and foster within our community.


Because of the incredible donors who gave before or during the event, we are able to plan programming to keep the building as active as possible to provide consistent arts experiences for all ages. Our 2024 calendar is already packed with people planning to use the facility for their own organizations’ work, and our plans to provide gallery shows, classes and workshops, and continue growing our Fine Arts club are well underway.


Please take a moment to look over this dynamic list of supporters. Without them, this event wouldn’t have been possible. 


As we take a moment to soak in the beauty of fall, we’re reminded of the beauty in the connections we’ve made. Our fundraiser was more than just an event; it was a celebration of art, community, and the power of coming together.


With gratitude,

Liz Warren

Executive Director


  • Bank of Ann Arbor
  • MACC
  • Aubree’s
  • Ypsi Real
  • Sesi Motors
  • Praxis Properties
  • Edwards, Ellis & Associates
  • Hylant
  • Old National Bank
  • Retirement Income Solutions
  • A2Y Chamber
  • Beal Properties
  • 734 Brewing
  • Architects Design Group
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Pear, Sperling, Eggan and Daniels
  • Dr. James Smith and Dr. Connie Ruhl-Smith
  • Jonathon and Kathryn Bowdler
  • Donald and Nancie Loppnow
  • James and Deborah Beuche

Auction item donors

  • The Ark
  • Carolyn Weins
  • Tom and Ann Schriber
  • University Productions and Red Hawk
  • Kristin Perkins
  • Purple Rose
  • Pam Cardell – EMU Theater
  • Encore
  • Aubree’s
  • PTD 
  • Julie Fisher
  • Lindsay Clark
  • Amy Dunwoodie
  • Deanna White
  • Davy Jones
  • Allison Anastasio
  • Sue Holdaway-Heys
  • Motawi Tileworks
  • Rosaline Vick
  • Spencer Ann Arbor
  • Dale Fisher
  • Mark Meier
  • April Wagner – Epiphany Studios
  • University of Michigan
  • Marsha Chamberlin
  • Sarah and Thomas Gelsanliter


  • EMU Arts Management Class volunteers
  • Caroline Mull
  • Sarah Shafi
  • Lindy Romans
  • Nan Plumber
  • Jim Spencer 
  • Mary Larkin


  • Bill Kinley
  • Barry LaRue
  • Dave Armstrong
  • Morgan Cox
  • Don Loppnow
  • Kathi Talley
  • Sandra Murchison
  • Bette Warren
  • Sally McCracken
  • Pat Tamblyn
  • Betty Stremich
  • Andy French
  • Carey Jernigan
  • Athena Johnson
  • Chad Wiebesick
  • Hafsah Mijinyawa
  • Brian Filipiak


  • Kim DeBord
  • Kathi Talley
  • Morgan Cox
  • Don Loppnow
  • Barry LaRue
  • Jean Nelson
  • Grey Rose Grant
  • Maggie Spencer
  • Liz Warren


  • Leah Schuester
  • Veronica Ortolan
  • Megan Foldenauer – Ypsilanti Art Supply and Atelier
  • Ali Giessner
  • Lauren Vasquez 
  • Vance Vandermark
  • Anthony Bennetts
  • Laura Mason
  • Dannielle Murphy
  • Davy Jones
  • Naia Venturi
  • Patrick Elkins
  • Gary Horton
  • Das Chritz
  • Dominique House
  • Misty Lynn Bergeron
  • iFFY

Food & Drink

  • Angel Food Catering


  • 734 Brewery

     And of course everyone who attended the event, supporting RAC in serving the arts community in Ypsilanti.