Inspired by the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club, Riverside is thrilled to provide a space for local artists to showcase their work, talk about their process, and maybe even sell one of their pieces. The club has been steadily growing since it began, and we look forward to welcoming many new members this year.


The first and third Wednesday of every month, artists can bring two pieces of original art to present. Artists, art lovers, collectors, curators – everyone is welcome from Ypsi and beyond! Attendees are not required to present. Anyone is welcome to simply gather with our community and enjoy the incredible artwork. Once you attend one YFAC gathering, you are officially a member. There is no membership fee. Presentations occur on a first-come first-served basis. Doors open at 5:00 pm and presentations start at 5:30 pm. Sign up by 6:00pm to present.

 We highly encourage you to also attend the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club Mondays at Marygrove College in Detroit. They are held every Monday from 5:30pm-8:00pm (doors at 4:30) except holidays. Check out their social media for more information and updates.

Riverside’s Ypsilanti Fine Arts Club meets the first and third Wednesday of each month (excluding holidays), from 5:00pm-8:00pm. 


More detail:

  • Artists wishing to showcase their art must have their names on the sign up sheet by 6:00pm
  • Art may not be shown until it has been presented (not yet presented art must remain covered)
  • Artists will be called up in the order they signed up 5 at a time
  • Artists will have two minutes to talk about their art, the process they used, the meaning behind the piece, etc. Hard stop at 2 minutes. Volunteers will present the art by holding it and walking around the space to show attendees the works.
  • Artists can announce their pieces are either just for show or for sale. If they are for sale, announce the price.
  • When a piece is sold, “Sold!” is announced on the speaker and the bell is rung.
    • Payment must take place before leaving
    • Payment can be cash or via whatever app the artist uses
  • Artists can sign up to be the “Raffle Artist” at future club meetings
    • Raffle tickets are $5
    • The artist gets all the funds from the raffle


Role Definitions:

  • Announcer – welcomes guests, lets them know when we’ll be starting, introduces moderator; shares RAC announcements
  • Moderator – explains the process of the event, reads the history of the club (including the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club)
  • Presenters – volunteer attendees who walk the pieces of art around the room



5:00 pm – Doors open, sign up sheets are available, chat with other attendees, and claim your seats

5:20 – Moderator shares vision, history, description/rules of event

5:30 – First five artists are called up to present

6:00 – Sign up to present is closed!

~7:40 – After the presenters are finished there is time for announcements anyone in the audience can stand in line at the front of the room to make any announcements they’d like to share (one minute time limit)

8:30 – Close up shop, thanks for coming!

Art Parameters:

  • 2D or 3D visual art
  • Must be able to be carried by one person around the room
  • Must be dry
  • Does NOT need to be finished (We encourage sharing about your process!)
  • No apparel or customized apparel
  • Must be an original piece whenever possible; replicas and prints discouraged
  • Keep in mind this is open to the public, children may be on site