A Letter from Executive Director, Liz Warren

Dear Riverside Arts Center Supporter,

This past year Riverside Arts Center has undergone tremendous growth in what we’ve been able to offer. From summer camps to workshops to our bi-monthly arts club meetings, we’ve been welcoming in and engaging with so many different people who bring such exuberance and energy to the space. Outside of our own initiatives, we’ve provided a place for over 100 different artists and arts organizations to create, perform, educate, and connect, and what a joy it has been. 

We are overjoyed to announce that a dedicated donor has pledged to match every dollar you donate, up to a total of $25,000. This means that for every dollar you contribute, an additional dollar will be added, effectively doubling the impact of your donation. With this matching opportunity, your contribution of $50, $250, or $1,000 will go twice as far in making a meaningful difference in the lives of our creative community.

The chill in the air makes summertime feel like a distant memory, but only a few months ago our halls were filled with a cacophony of joyous giggling and chatter. They not only created wonderful pieces of art, but also created bonds with each other and were exposed to many forms of art. Next year we’d like to expand the hours of the camp day to make the camp more inclusive for families with varying work schedules and add two more weeks to the schedule. You can be part of reaching more curious young minds and making Riverside Summer Camps more accessible by contributing today.

The Ypsi Fine Arts Club meetings have become a place not only for sharing one’s art – which has been so powerful in its own right – but a place for healing and community building. One committed YFAC member shared that prior to a very severe accident she was an extremely talented artist. After her brain was heavily damaged, she couldn’t see art as she used to. She perceived it as flipped upside down or backwards. At our most recent meeting, she shared that as she continues to heal, painting has brought back much of what was lost. She usually prices her work in the $100 level or less. When showing her last piece, she said, “$350. I definitely think it’s worth that.” Her growing confidence and artistic progress has been a joy to behold. You can cultivate more opportunities for artists and creatives to continue to gather, connect, and grow by making a gift of $50, $250, or $1,000, matched dollar for dollar.

RAC ED Liz Warren after purchasing Ypsi Fine Arts Club member Sharon’s piece

I have had the immense pleasure to be working with a cohort of three social workers who are also artists to create classes and workshops that support mental health and neurodiversity. Riverside Art Center’s future Expressive Empowerment Program’s mission is to foster self and in-community healing through multi-sensory art programming that is embodied, community focused, and emergent. As a group, we are dedicated to providing a responsive and inclusive space where individuals can cultivate community and express themselves. Through this program, we aim to promote healing, cultivate empowerment, foster connection, raise awareness, inspire transformation, and collaborate and innovate. By nurturing the connection between art and mental health, we seek to create a space where emotional well-being and community is prioritized and celebrated. Your matched gift creates regular workshops and classes that provide more accessible art programming where mental wellness is supported and neurodiversity is celebrated.

I have a tendency to check in on the building frequently on evenings and weekends. 

More often than not, if you were to walk through each space, you’d find a performance in one space, aworkshop in another, and a dance class in another. There is not another organization in the area that has the capability to offer such a multifaceted facility. Now that we’ve finished construction on our top floor, there are more opportunities to provide space for our incredible Ypsi arts organizations to blossom and grow. Your gift of $50, $250, or $1,000 keeps rental rates low so these dynamic artists and art organizations can have a space to let their creativity flourish. Right now, that gift is twice as impactful thanks to our match.

When you look at a list of our future offerings, we want you to think, “They made this with me in mind.” We want you to feel welcome here, that you belong here. Everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in arts and creative experiences. Next time we host a Community Feedback Session, I hope you’ll join us to let us know what you want to see and experience. Riverside Arts Center seeks to use art as a powerful, transformative tool. We invite you to be part of this audacious initiative by making your gift today. Your contribution provides a vibrant arts community for all.


With gratitude,

Liz Warren
Executive Director

P.S. Your gift of $500, $250, or $50 creates valuable arts experiences and educational opportunities available for to participate in. Make your donation today!