Riverside Arts Center is proud to relaunch our restructured artist residency program for 2024. Through this program, Riverside Art Center will foster and uplift the work of artists who have demonstrated excellence in their creative field, and have achieved professional accomplishment. Located in Riverside’s Off Center, the Ypsilanti community will have the opportunity to watch working artists create and have the opportunity to engage with them through public workshops hosted by RAC. 

This year’s residency will take place from April to September during which time the artists will be provided studio and exhibition space in which to develop and create new work, or complete works in progress. The residency will conclude with an exhibition during the month of September 2024 in Riverside’s Off-Center.


For 2024 we have selected two artists who both are creating beautiful and thought provoking work here in Ypsilanti: Avery Williamson and Nick Azzaro. 

We were struck by their individual and unique passions for Ypsilanti and its people. Nick often works with YCS students and uses his creative practice to investigate the history of racism in the education system. Avery’s archival based work, focused on Ypsilanti’s history, seeks to highlight the storied lives of those whose history often overlooks. We are excited to see where their work takes them over the next six months and beyond!Explore the links below to learn about each of our resident artists.



In 2024, over twenty artists submitted applications to the residency. Riverside’s Programming Committee, led by board member Sandra Murchison, reviewed each application thoroughly. The jurying process consisted of  three rounds of review. Proposals were assessed based on specific residency goals, engaging workshop proposals, and a distinctive creative voice while keeping in mind each individual’s artistic excellence. We also took into consideration what type of work would align best with Riverside’s facilities and connect with our community. In the final round, each member recommended 2-3 artists for consideration before a final group decision was made.

Though we were only able to accept two artists this year, we look forward to the possibility of expanding the capacity of this program and are actively looking for continued sponsorship of future residencies. Additionally we are working with other 2024 applicants to continue to support their creative practice and connect them with our community.


Over the course of the six month residency, our two residents will each lead two creative workshops for the public. Follow along here and on our social media platforms  for more information about  these creative workshops and how to participate.