A community work-in-progress on the balance between the people and the state. Our Ship of State has hit rough waters, rocked by globalization, broadening income and education gaps, and loss of jobs to new technologies. People are sharply divided between urban or rural communities and ideology; while women, African Americans, and immigrants are sometimes treated like non-citizens, nurturing a culture of fear. The free press and voting rights are under attack from the highest offices. Though our constitution has evolved over time and continues to be reinterpreted – often only to the benefit of the few.

At 7PM local individuals, organizations doing work around citizenship will be presenting themselves and their mission from a big wooden ship in the galley for educational and networking purposes, including Beth Bashert, the mayor of Ypsilanti.

All gallery events are FREE but we encourage a $5 donation to support Riverside and the expansion of our programs.

Gallery Hours

Thursday 3-8pm

Friday 3-8pm

Saturday 12-5pm

This exhibit closes August 30, 2019