If you’ve been in the theatre lately as an audience member, you probably haven’t noticed the big changes taking place behind the scenes. Our Theater is Riverside Arts Center’s largest and most in-demand space with things happening over 38 weeks a year! We needed some renovations to keep up with all the new things happening here. The Dressing Room capital improvement project involves the renovation of the theater dressing room and backstage. We are currently in the works of some big changes! The project includes the complete renovation of the dressing room to include new mirrors, lighting, and countertops. Backstage demo of a rough metal staircase and installation of a new wooden staircase to the second-floor storage space; and development of a storage loft above the dressing room for large set pieces and stage sections.

The Theater dressing room is now an accessible, bright, clean, and flexible dressing room(s)! Our spaces are becoming more useable to various groups and needs. Several aspects of the project conserve energy and provide increased accessibility. For example, the updated lighting fixtures and improved insulation have significant, long-term energy efficiency impacts. The dressing room is on the main floor, which is physically accessible by elevator and ramp, allowing wheelchair users to navigate the room easily. Overall, it was a group effort, and we are thrilled with the progress! We are so honored that this was all made possible by a Capital Improvement Project grant from the The Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs.

It has been a much needed journey so far and we are so very thrilled that our space will be even more shareable!