About the show

Keeping it Weird: Celebrating 200 Years of Ypsilanti Greatness” is a vibrant tapestry of local artistic expression. In curating this show, I wanted to assemble a collection that truly embodies the eclectic and diverse spirit of Ypsilanti. This exhibition showcases the incredible range of ideas and creativity that thrives within our community, and it’s a testament to the town’s unwavering commitment to embracing the unconventional.

Our local artists have come together to present a striking array of works, each a unique testament to their individual perspectives and inspirations. From stunning landscapes, portraiture, thought-provoking abstracts, to whimsical, provocative, and meticulously crafted sculpture, this exhibition is a celebration of Ypsilanti’s thriving creative community. As you explore, I invite you to immerse yourself in the diverse narratives, concepts, and vibes which I have been honored to help curate along with our panel of local artists and RAC Staff. “Keeping it Weird” is a celebration of the boundless potential of artistic expression and a tribute to the unapologetically unique character of our beloved city.

Maggie Spencer, Lead Curator



 Opens: September 1, 2023 5-7pm

Runs through October 23, 2023.


 Open hours during the month:

Friday 5 – 8PM

Saturday 10AM – 3PM

Sunday 10AM – 3PM


You can always reach out to us to schedule a time to open the Gallery for you or your group!


All gallery events are FREE but we encourage a $5 donation to support Riverside and the expansion of our programs.