About the Event

Join us as we uplift culture, love, courage, resilience, and the stories and experiences of Black life. The day has been designed by and with the community. Moderated by Yodit Mesfin Johnson & Nabila Wasi.  All are welcome!

Poster image by RckBny


About the Event

Symposium participants: 

Nuola Akinde

Angela Amison

Taurus Burns

Chrys Campbell

Dru Campbell

King Katz

Bryan Foley

Jeff Guyton

Stephanie Holloway

Sport Jackson

Karamba Kaba

Athena & Kip Johnson

Jason Johnson

Will Jones

Azya Moore

Quiana Perkins

Toni Pressley-Sanon

Caliyeah Scott

Alex Thomas

Gina Thompson

Tamara Tucker-Ibarisha

Nabila Wasi

Ricky Weaver

Leseliey Welch

Victor Okafor

Schedule of Events


   Blackness Embodied:  The Warm Up


 Kekere Children’s Village: Arts, crafts, and Black Men Read at 10am


 Black Resistance: Stories of Survival and Courage 


Black HERStory: Celebrating Black Womenx Now & Then 


    Dine, Dialogue & Create: Conversations And Creativity Over Lunch 


Black Love: A Story-Based Retrospective and Celebration of Black Couples


The Remix: A dialogue among mixed race folx of the African Diaspora


Dine & Post-its Dinner


 Our Own Stories: On Being Black in Washtenaw County

7:45pm Closing

       Victor Okafor

8:00pm DJ Chuck Peterson