This toolkit has been designed for you, Ypsilanti, to inspire wild ideas, intriguing solutions, valuable explorations, and enjoyable moments. Most importantly, these cards aim to ignite your curiosity about the world around you. What will you do with your unique and powerful brain?


The FLY Creativity Toolkit was created in collaboration with Eastern Michigan University School of Art & Design and generously funded by Sappi Ideas that Matter.

Illustrations by Kaitlin Meyette

A Daily Dose of Creativity!

With this virus that has kept us feeling isolated, RAC would like to make our FLY Creativity Toolkit available to all who need a daily dose of creative inspiration, motivation, or just a little break! The printed copies were made possible by a grant with SAPPI Paper and are being integrated and given to all 4th Grade Classes in the Ypsilanti Community Schools.

Today we would like to make the digital copy available to our entire community! Use it at home, print it off, keep it digital, skype with friends, schedule a break, roll a few dice to see which card to pull; each is numbered 1-56 and each asks to grow, explore, draw, write connect and MORE!

We want to see what you make!
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Through these difficult times, Riverside Arts Center plans to continue offering FREE creativity opportunities, support for local artists, and resources for our entire community. The FLY Creativity Toolkit is just one way we plan to continue staying connected to our beloved community and is yours to take and share. We ask only that you Pay What You Can! Between 0-$20; if you select $0 you will simply be added to the mailing list for our newsletter. Please email us with any questions at:

4th Grade Field Trips

In 2018, RAC began the Ypsilanti Community Schools 4th Grade Field Trips, a project to introduce the Fly Creativity Toolkit to all Ypsilanti students over the next 10 years. The first step was meeting with the teachers to design the field trip to Riverside Arts Center with them, explore the toolkits and answer questions prior to the event. Then, across 2 days in winter ’19, 300 4th graders from YCS schools visited RAC, participated in arts programs, danced, met our staff and teachers, created, painted and had a day of fun. After our day of activities at RAC, Staff and Teaching Artists visited each classroom to distribute toolkits to each and every 4th grader to take home and use with curriculum!